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Modes of Operation

On receiving a request for any project, Initial customer discussions regarding potential projects are carried out by CRAMS TECHNOLOGIES Sales & Business Development staff. These specialists are trained to provide information about CRAMS TECHNOLOGIES services and capabilities and to obtain an overview of the customer’s requirements in order to find the best fit between the customer’s needs and CRAMS TECHNOLOGIES capabilities.

Afterwards we would submit a proposal depending upon the type of possible arrangement. Fee-for-Service/Purchase Order: Proposal would be submitted with at least following component :-
  • Time Required
  • Man power required
  • Cost Estimate
  • Reporting Details
  • Mile Stones
  • Deliverables

Upon acceptance of this proposal, work will be initiated. Though we have mentioned few controls of project however every parameter can be tailor-made based on customers’ needs.

FTE (Full Time Equivalent) arrangement- Under this type of arrangement, we will dedicate agreed number of scientists (FTE’s) to work for the customer in our laboratories. An FTE arrangement allows our customer to seamlessly interface with the bench scientists and prioritize projects based on requirements.

Flexible FTE- Under this arrangement, We provides the option to vary the number of FTE’s our customers wish to deploy during the course of the project subject to the customer meeting the minimum agreed annual FTE deployment. Through such flexibility, our customers are able to scale-up or scale-down FTE count on the project rapidly thereby allowing them to address the project requirement/end goals without compromising on the timelines.

Once project is ordered to us the product management process is as follows.

A full-time project manager will be assigned to the project. Progress of the work is communicated at regular intervals, typically in written weekly or monthly reports as per agreement. The complete project details are known only to the project leader and he shares the part with his team members on a need to know basis. This is done to provide utmost confidentiality. Samples of intermediate compounds are available on request at any stage of the synthesis. The project can be stopped at any time.

The Project manager becomes the customer’s key point of contact a Crams Technologies, keeping the customer informed about the progress of the project from initiation to completion. Their primary objective is to ensure delivery of the project, on time, on budget and to the quality standards expected by the customer.

Data Management

We are in process of developing an in house request to report system. This will be scientist/project specific.

Intellectual Property Protection

Complete confidentiality and protection of client intellectual property is part of the Crams Technologies culture. Employees have back-to-back confidentiality agreements with the company to adhere to confidentiality. Within the company we have a firewall concept across the businesses in terms of projects and technologies Clients can trust us completely with their proprietary information. Whether it is a service based partnership or a collaborative research program, sensitivity to client confidentiality permeates all our operations.

At Crams Technologies, we believe the creation and protection of IP is a key differentiator that will profile our intellectual capabilities on a global platform. In line with this business ethic, we afford non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements the utmost importance and priority. In general all IP rights belong to our clients irrespective of FTE or project business model.

However, we operate on a flexible IPR ownership business model with our customers. This is decided and agreed at the time of drawing the agreement.

Quality Management
  • Quality Management System is based on ICH.
  • Quality Management System is comprehensive covering all cGMP aspects.
  • We will be having regular internal cGMP audits & continuous improvements